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XLS Converter Version 1.7.3 Full Version (Cracked)

{image: XLS Converter Version 1.7.3 Full Version}

XLS Converter Version 1.7.3 Full Version (Cracked) can easily convert the excel file to TXT, HTML, CSV, MDB, DBF. The processing is as quickly as possible. MS Excel is doesn’t required. XLS Converter Version 1.7.3 Full Version interface is very neat and very powerful, you don’t need to open windows explore first, you can select the directory from folder tree in the program, and then the files will list in the right pane, depend filters you have chosen, other files will not list in it, and ability to preview the XLS files. Also, you can run XLS Converter Version 1.7.3 Full Version in Command-line mode.

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SPYRO KiD Cracking, Featured, Software Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Bypass Blue Coat’s K9 Web Protection 64-bit

Bypass K9 Web Protection V1.3.2 merupakan alat bantu untuk mendisable paksa proteksi Blue Coat’s K9 Web Protection yang berjalan pada Windows 64-bit. Bypass K9 Web Protection yang saya rilis sebelumnya (Bypass K9 Web protection V1.3.1) memang hanya bekerja pada Windows 32 bit. Nah, versi yang saya rilis kali ini khusus untuk Windows 64-bit.

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SPYRO KiD Cracking Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Keygenning Keygenme by TDC 2005 – RIP ASM

Kali ini saya akan membahas bagaimana membuat keygen dengan meng-rip code asm dari target KeygenMe By TDC 2005.

  • Target: keygenme-tdc.exe
  • Protection: Serial
  • Compiller: MASM32 / TASM32
  • Level: Easy
  • Tools: Ollydbg v1.10
  • Skills: ASM, Delphi, Reverse, Logic

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Ray-29/B.U.G Cracking Friday, February 11th, 2011

Keygenning MFC-Anwendung Crme V1

Kali ini saya akan membahas bagaimana membuat keygen dari target MFC-Anwendung crme1. Tentunya itulah tidak mudah dibandingkan dengan teknik patching. Dengan dukungan dan masukan dari teman2, semua mastah dan team reverse engineering, yaitu diantaranya: bo3l4q, GrindStone, Jowy, k3p06, Yohukm, Ortega, Apakekdah, IUG, IDSH, KocokJaya, Unregistered, X-Code, Spyrozone, Coder, CiS, iNFECTiON, dll. Akhirnya dapat membuat keygen, walaupun belum hebat2 banget :)

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Ray-29/B.U.G Cracking Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Tutorial Patching Plato Video Converter V11.09.01

Plato Video Converter is an idea program for anyone. It enables you convert almost all kinds of video files such as rm, divx, xvid, avi, wmv, asf, mpg, mpeg, vob, mov, qt, flv, 3gp, swf, nsv to Apple iPod /Sony PSP /Cellphone 3GP/Microsoft Zune /FLV/ MOV video and Extract Audio to MP3/WMA/OGG/WAV from those videos .

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Ray-29/B.U.G Cracking Tuesday, October 26th, 2010